Shopping International Magazine

As a photographer on this beautiful island of Aruba, I get to meet and work for great companies both local and international.

Shopping International Magazine is a Canadian based company and I get to shoot for them for the past two years.

This year I got to shoot for the cover which is not easy. SIM has a pretty awesome art director who knows what he wants. Eric, the art director, sent some samples of what he wanted and we had to make it happen.

Shopping Magazine

We used local talents for this project and it worked out awesome!!

Model : Angelique Janssen

H&M : Andrew Curiel

Assistants : Rick van Melzen, Decklin Theysen, Jonathan Baenna

Stylist : Gregory Larmonie

Photographer : Kenny Theysen

Thank you guys for all the help!!

Not only working for the cover, we also covered some stock images of the island and portraits for the featured articles.

I hope you enjoyed this one!!

Live life to the fullest and have fun while doing it!!

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