Clarissa & Leah

What a great way to start our Monday!!

I got the pleasure to be part of a moment where one end of the party knows whats going on and the other just going with the flow.

Shooting an engagement session on this beautiful island of Aruba, well, that is just icing on cake baby!

Clarissa got a hold of us via email and wanted her day to be special for Leah. They have know each other since high school but went different ways after that! When someone is meant to be in your path, time is just a factor.

We started our session by going behind the lighthouse area.

Then we moved on to one of my favorite dead tree!

We had lots of laughs during the shoot!!! Clarissa was wanting to get the main question out of the way!

While Leah was being distracted with her shoot, Clarissa went of to the side and wrote done in the sand, " will you marry me".

The funny part of this was when we finished with shooting with Leah. Clarissa & Leah walked toward the sign and Leah said " Ow look! Some wrote down in the sand "will u marry me".

Clarissa got down to her knees and popped the question!

I loved Leah's reaction! Priceless!

Well there you go! Great moments happening on this beautiful island!

I just wanted to thank Clarissa & Leah for this moment! I wish them both all the love that is to come!


Live life to the fullest and have fun while doing it!

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